Teething, Travel and Balancing the checkbook

September 17, 2008 at 2:26 pm (Uncategorized)

Rocks in my dryer does this awesome blog on Wednesdays called Works for me Wednesdays.  So here are a few things that have worked for me.

When your baby is teething instead of using Oral gel try teething tablets.  Another thing that I really love is called Hurrican gel, it is an over the couter medicine that is in the pharmacy.  It works so great I used it when I needed a root canal.

When we traveled this summer something that really worked for us was lots of activities for the kids.  I wrapped up 10 presents to give to the 15 month old.  It took her along time to unwrap the gift. We also had lots of small toys tucked in the car and would switch which one we gave her.

The older boys 7 and 8 had yarn tied to the headrests in front of them with scissors, glue sticks and tape on the other end.  This worked out well, we just tucked the items into the pocket in front of them and if they wanted to use them the pulled the string.  The best part was they could not drop them out of reach.  I packed a new pack of foil wraps I got at the $ tree. I gave them 2 each and said become super heroes. They had a ball, Hunter cut out the letters F M and taped them onto his shirt and said he was “Foil Man”.  It was great.

Alright so my worst task is balancing the checkbook.  I HATE it. I usually don’t do it.  I have tried MANY times to retrain myself to do this but I never continue.  I remember my father showing me how to do this and getting upset, like he does to mom when I could not find receipts.  Alright so I have been creating a very basic budget in Excel for years now.  I am not a Queen Nerd or anything I just place it there so I know where it is and I can reference it when bill time comes. 

I finally came up with the brillant idea to create a new worksheet behind the budget one and use it as a check register.  TA DA! Second month doing this and it has been GREAT! The best part is if you know how to get the sum automatically then you don’t have to do the math part.  I actually know for the first time what is in our account and what is yet to come out.  GREAT feeling.



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